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Jasmine Black Biography Photo Jasmine Black Biography
Born: 11/17/1987
Aliases: Ana Hot, Anna Hot, Black Yasmin, Jasmine, Jasmyne, Yasmine Black

Aliases: Ana Hot, Black Yasmin
Country of Origin: Romania
Place of Birth: Bucharest
Date of Birth: November 17, 1987
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Heigth: 167 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 63 kg - 139 lbs
Measurements: 34DD-25-36
Career Status: Active
Shoe Size: 7

Jasmine was 19 and living in defiance, feeling she wanted to go live the life extraordinaire but didn’t really have the means to get to that next stage. I hoped to study theater or acting, or even work within the field and as my friends often encouraged me to do (based on my fine features and extreme curves) I was truly a great fit to venture into adult photo’s and film venues.

“I traveled a lot the first few years and was working for a small agent from the Netherlands on an opportune start by chance coincidence. From a buxom girl next door to an adult mainstream porn star, would be the headlines I imagined. The time was right and I dove right in.” "I had a friend who had done a couple of pictorials for the guy and I trusted her on such matters. She told me that her agent had called her and was looking for some new talents and said I should go down and talk to him. I was pleasantly surprised when the pay was much better than what she had told me it would be, so I was determined to make the most of it and give it my all.

The start wasn’t as rough as some say it is, I felt right at home as making love in my own home, just had a few new faces and bodies all around. Where I didn’t feel it was odd or lowly an idea, just opportune and sure of a lot of fun. After all I am too innocent for it to be naughty… I keep in close touch with quite a few past and present co stars as I feel like quite the extended family.

I had no intention of becoming a porn star. The best reason I went into the field was because I needed the money and liked the hours, starting out I was kind of testing the water so to say but now I appear in almost every scene I can. The shyness really wasn’t a problem for me as I am kind of a focal centerpiece wherever I go, one lady in my old hometown randomly commented to me ( I figure it was about my boobs) those will take you wherever you want to go honey, she said. Some of my friends in school were quite the jealous ones due to these “boy attention” grabbing wonders. I often caught the wandering gaze and stares of boys and men alike from night clubs to the library, always the comments always my smile in return, I do adore the attention.

I don’t really care about fame or fancy awards in this line of work, just pay me like the headliners and I will show up for the cause. Family doesn’t truly care about my choice of work just care that I am safe, as they understand that it is tough out there in this ever too real world. I studied some dance and gymnastics early on hoping for some spark of talent to come through but found a true love in the martial arts, for its soul balancing natures and fitness as a benefit can’t hurt one either.

I may seem rather bold but one can only do what one puts effort to do, no one else is there to work for me so at the end of the day I am paid alone on my efforts and undertakings. I was too overpowering to be a cheerleader or any fancy ballerina so I took what nature had blessed me with and put it to work, not owing anyone any explanations. I enjoy my off time quite heavily as I really enjoy travelling and meeting seeing new cultures and countries. I even thought about being a flight attendant is how much I enjoy travel but honestly I don’t enjoy airplanes just being in new places not necessarily the travel between the places.

I truly enjoyed the experience of being with another woman for the first time, I never thought myself to be bi or even bi-curious for that matter but it felt SOOOO right. I sometimes fantasize about who the next girl on girl scene might be with. I look to enjoy life to the fullest and not hold back on any of life’s natural pleasures and wow I even get paid for doing it.

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